Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter 66 - This is why I am serving :)

Hello family!

This week went by so slowly and it made me so happy because so many marvelous things happened this week!

Hermana Ridgeway came with me on exchanges on Tuesday. Monday night as we exchanged, we had an hour and a half before we had to go in. The day before, Sister Hoki and I passed a street that really stuck out to me. So I decided to take H. Ridgeway with me to track the area. She had a specific thing she hoped to work on during the exchange, so we said a prayer, set some goals, and decided to start on one side of the town homes and move across. For the first time in my entire mission EVERY SINGLE door was answered. We have a mix of pretty much every experience, getting yelled at, fake numbers, and teaching a new friend, D..., about the Plan of Salvation on the doorstep. Hermana Ridgeway that night was just so excited because she completely received an answer to her prayers in that hour and half. We decided that even if that was the only amount of time we had to exchange, we could switch back right then and count that exchange as successful...

Good thing we said that! Haha because Tuesday morning, during studies, we received a call from the Assistants informing us that there was a sister coming home to Halifax from her mission in Chaclacayo (spelling?) Peru. But due to the bad weather conditions her flight from Toronto to Halifax was cancelled and she was going to be stuck in the airport by herself for quite some time. We were asked to go save her! Here was the catch they gave us... There is no way of contacting her, we don't know where she will be in the airport, and she has no idea that we are coming to pick her up. All we have is her name and a picture of her holding a pumpkin to know what she looks like... so good luck! Haha Hermana Ridgeway and I drove to the airport, said a prayer, and began the real-life game of Where's Waldo to find poor Sister Chelsea Frasier. We paged her over the airport intercom, walked everywhere, asked all the workers. The answer we received from them was that we were searching for a needle in a haystack. But our answer to them was "no way! We prayed so we will find her!" haha. An hour and a half later we found her! The poor girl was probably freaking out when she heard her name on the intercom and had no idea what was happening. So we took her and gave her to the Spanish sisters to spend the day with them! And what's cool? She served with Tori Hawks and Maria Fuller! Small world :) 
    That night, we picked her up again to take her back to the airport for her flight at 10:55. By permission we ended up getting back to our apartment at 11:30 that night.... I'm never staying up that late again haha. Our bodies automatically started shutting down at 10:30. Overall it was a fun experience!

Quotes from our wonderful friend Donna who was recently baptized:
-"After tomorrow, when I get the Holy Ghost, you better watch out Satan because I will have a black belt with the Holy Spirit!"
-"Satan has been working hard to shut be down, but I say to him GET BACK SATAN! I'm baptized."

Donna is the perfect example of enduring to the end. She was confirmed last Sunday, received her temple recommend and went to the temple for the first time on Wednesday!!!! And then she bore a beautiful testimony at sacrament meeting yesterday! but there's more, she ended her testimony by singing the first verse of "Amazing Grace"! She is coming teaching with us tonight, and she is telling EVERYONE about the gospel. She's so great :)

Sister Hoki and I were blessed to go to the temple with Donna on Wednesday! They let us dress up and help pass out towels while everyone was being baptized. The spirit in the temple is indescribable. Going to the temple will definitely be a weekly thing for me for the rest of my life.

I had the first and most delicious turkey pie I have ever tasted. It was marvelous.

We sang a Quartet of Homeward Bound at MLC. Some past missionaries rewrote lyrics about coming home to Heavenly Father's presence. It is so beautiful.

So do you remember D... that I talked about previously. The man that Hermana Ridgeway and I taught the Plan of Salvation on his doorstep? While on exchanges, we visited with him on Saturday. His wife is sick with cancer and she is going to pass away any time now. We spent that whole meeting just listening to him and his story. He looked at me one time, with tears in eyes, and asked "What can I do for my wife? What can I say to her?" My answer for him was, "I am obviously not married, but I will use my daddy as an example because he means the world to me. If I were sick with cancer, soon to die, that last thing I would want from my daddy would be to hear him pray." That was the invitation we left for him that day. This morning he called us and told us how his visit with his wife went. He told us that would be the last time he would see her. He continued to thank us over and over for stopping at his door the exact time he was going through all this. Over the phone he said "Sister Bodine I want you to know that the last thing I did, before I left, was I prayed for my wife. I prayed for her." That was the first time he prayed for her in a very very long time. What a tender experience. That is why I am serving a mission.

At MLC this week, we had a huge discussion on gaining a greater witness of the Savior. I want to share my testimony with all of you that I KNOW that Jesus is the Christ. He lives. I have faith in everything about Him. I love Him. I will spend the rest of my life bearing witness of my Savior in everything I say and do. That is why I love my mission so much. 

I love you all :) I hope you have a wonderful week! Keep your standards!

Sister Bodine
First Snow Storm. Everything closed down!

My Companion from Malaysia

Sister Frasier

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