Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter 67 -- Transfer news always bring so much joy :)

Hello Wonderful Family!

I just love transfers so much. Sister Hoki laughed at me a lot because occasionally I would burst out a little squeal of excitement throughout the week. So Sister Hoki is being transferred to Timpanogos YSA in Utah, and I am staying in Brampton with SISTER COURTNEY HOWLE!!! I almost cried when I found out haha. If you remember, Sister Howle was my friend from Brick Oven who came out the same time I was called to train so I had a feeling I was going to train her. I was blessed to exchange with her when she was in Toronto and now I get to be her companion!! So happy.

Taryn is going to have a baby soon!!!! I'm praying for you Taryn! I love you and Jason so much! You can name her after me if you want.... Sister Bodine. That's a beautiful name :)

Also Happy Birthday to everyone in February!!! I love you all!!

Leading the stake choir has been a blast! The one problem is that I have been having the hardest time calling them by the right titles. I keep calling the women's sections Sisters and the men's sections Elders. They've been getting a kick out of it haha.

While on exchanges in Stayner with Sister Duran from the Phillippines, we visited a Less active family. The husband asked us if he could sing a gospel song for us. We said yes so he got up and left the room to get ready. We kept talking to his wife. The next thing we know we hear Elvis Presley in the other room singing. He sounded EXACTLY like him - haha we found out that he is invited to sing at events as an Elvis Presley impersonator so it makes sense, but it was pretty hilarious at first. He was really good!

Sister Maeta, from Tahiti, and I visited with their friend Kelly. She is preparing to be baptized soon and we planned to invite her to live the Word of Wisdom. She has a HUGE addiction to coffee so we weren't too sure how it was going to go. Turns out that she had researched on her own and learned that the church didn't drink coffee so, on her own, she went from three extra large cups a day to one extra large cup a day. Wow! We asked her how she felt and she said that she felt great. So we invited her to live it, and asked her what her next step was going to be. Her answer was "Well it's going well so far, so I will stop completely." We answer "That sounds wonderful! What is your goal for the day that you will stop entirely." She says "Tomorrow." Booyah Kelly! She received a Priesthood blessing the next day and hasn't drank coffee since. What an amazing example.

We were invited to attend a funeral this past Saturday. It was a beautiful service. I ended up doing the prelude music (even though no one knew me haha) because the organist was stuck in weather traffic and the 1st counselor in the Bishopric knew that I could play. I love going to funerals now because it is amazing to hear the life of the person who passed. It was also very interesting to see the difference in the moods of the people who were members of the church and the reaction of the people who weren't. The gospel truly does bring people hope.

Abigail was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! Her testimony after her baptism was so powerful. And her husband was worthy to do both ordinances for her. That is a kingdom building family. No doubt.

That's all I have time for. If we are able to get on later, I will tell you a little bit more. I love my family so much. Thank you for your support. I am so excited for these last two transfers. There is no question as to where my heart is and how hard I am going to work these last few months. I will give it my all. I will give my Savior my all! Keep your standards and have a great week!

Sister Bodine

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