Monday, February 23, 2015

Letter 69 - I don't have any cool titles for my letter today!

Hello Family and Everyone!

Goodness I just love the pictures that I received from Taryn and Jason and Mommy. That is just the cutest little girl in the entire world. So happy that she is healthy and that Taryn is healthy. Families are so wonderful! Keep the pictures coming! 

Brother N... is just loving every minute of his life right now. He already can't wait to finish the Book of Mormon so that he can start over and read it again. He says it just makes so much sense to him. He was a very successful businessman earlier in his life and with that career he knows how to read people and what they are doing. He is VERY smart. On Friday, we had dinner with the Watkins. Brother N... joined us and he talked about how he knew that Sister Howle and I were going to leave someday and it was going to be very hard for him, so it is VERY important to him to get to know the members. So at church yesterday he was introducing himself to everyone, participating in class... he is great. AND he is DOMINATING at the Word of Wisdom. It is so much fun to see. This is completely a journey between him and Heavenly Father. I feel like we are just blessed to stand on the sidelines and watch all of it :)

Our friend has kidney stones and she requested a blessing. So two brothers came with us to give her a blessing. It was such a tender experience. Our friend's house smells a lot of smoke, and the rooms have pretty low lighting. But right as they began to give her the blessing, the smell of smoke lifted, and suddenly the room looked and felt lighter. It was such a peaceful, calm atmosphere. I am SO GRATEFUL that our friend was able to experience that in her own home.

Due to some circumstances I am now officially the Stake Choir Director for this upcoming Stake conference. So excited :) So grateful for Mr. Keyes and everything he taught me!

And for those that asked, my toes are still a little pink but they look better than they were. President Clayton told me that his granddaughter prayed over the phone with them. She said "Please bless that Grandma and Grandpa don't get frostbite. Please bless the missionary that has frostbite. And please bless the other missionaries that she won't give it to them." So I am doing my best no to spread my infection :) haha

Well I love you all! I am so grateful for the Lord's Plan and the peace that it brings. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep your standards!

Sister Bodine

Abiail Baptism

Dressing for -40

Frostbitten toes

Sister Howle

 NOTE from Sister Bodine's Dad:
If you read Sister Bodine's blog and you  love her, will you keep her in your prayers.  Her back is not doing well and she desperately wants to finish her mission strong.

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