Monday, January 5, 2015

Letter 62 - Happy New Year! It's 2015!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Can you believe it's 2015? Wow. I am so grateful for everything that has happened this past year. I was in London, Ontario last year with people I love so much. I opened up my email today and found a letter from Sister Alders from London, she came across my email and sent me a message. I jumped through the roof. I love these people so much. And I love you all! I am grateful for all of you and your support. You're great!

Great things happened this week! At the end of last transfer, Sister Mencarelli and felt very strongly that we need to put a big emphasis on visiting formers. We have three HUGE binders of people who have been visited my missionaries before from 2001-2014 that have AMAZING stories and little info on what happened to them. This past week we were blessed to find 6 new investigators, 3 of which were former investigators! And we have appointments this week with other former investigators as well! T..., a former, accepted to prepare to be baptized on February 9th and she is just plain amazing! SO many times, people stop meeting with missionaries simply because the missionaries are transfers and the people lost contact. We will find them! Good things are happening here. This week was a GREAT start to the new transfer and the new year.

Our mission started up a new thing this year. Every first Saturday of the month we are having a mission-wide temple trip where all recent converts are able to come and do baptisms for the dead. And the missionaries who taught them are able to go with them when they go for the first time! We received a call from some senior couple missionaries that served in Churchville YSA with Sister Mencarelli. They had some great news that three of Sister Mencarelli's friends she taught and saw baptized were going to be there! We had too many appointments to cancel that day so that both of us could go, so on Saturday, while Sister Mencarelli was at the temple, I was blessed to stay in the area and be companions with Clara Jo for the day. She is 18 and is preparing to go on a mission! We had so many wonderful experiences of being full purpose missionaries - visiting members for dinner, inviting investigators to be baptized, working with progressing investigators, contacting potentials, and spending time with members and getting to know their non-member friends. We even role played and she was laughing her head off the entire time haha. Clara shared her testimony yesterday in Sacrament meeting about what an amazing experience it was for her, and she is so excited for her own mission! MISSIONS ARE GREAT!!! Funniest experience of the day was after dinner at Sister Miner's home, we had to bolt out of there to pick up Sister Mencarelli. Problem is we weren't looking at which door we were going out of. We opened the door, ran outside, and this alarm started going off. We stopped and turned around to see what was happening. It finally registered in our minds that we were in the backyard playground of the building. We didn't get the door on time so we were locked out. We decided to run around the building to find an opening to the parking lot only to find that we were fenced in on every side. No one was coming into the building, and Sister Miner was in a wheelchair so it was going to take some time for her to come down and help us. So we were ten minutes standing outside in the rain, in the kids' playground, locked out of mankind. It was pretty funny.

M... is doing so amazing. She is still going through so many trials right now, it is so sad to see. But the gospel is giving her a true light in her life. We called her this week to follow up on her reading the Book of Mormon. She told us that she had been so busy and overwhelmed that she hadn't been able to read in the past couple of days. So we asked if we could read with her over the phone for a little bit. Starting in Mosiah, we read the account of King Benjamin. We started by trading off back and forth in reading, until M... started getting excited and just kept reading out loud by herself. She stopped and said "goodness now I can't wait until I read what King Benjamin taught!" We ended the call to let her finish reading and she told us the next day that she ended up reading for the next hour. She loves the Book of Mormon so much. The sad thing is she got the flu yesterday and she says that this usually lasts for a while when she gets it. So PLEASE keep her in your prayers!! We have faith that everything will work out so we can continue to teach her throughout the week and help her reach her goal of being baptized next week!

Well I love you all! Have a great week! Keep your standards!!

Sister Bodine

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