Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter 61 - It's not 2015 yet :)

Hey familia!

It was so good to see you all! You looked great and I loved hearing your voices! Thanks for being my family!

Transfer news..... Sister Mencarelli and I are staying in Mississauga! We were guessing that I was going to Christie Spanish my last few transfers, but I guess that's going to happen in another six weeks. That's okay :) We are sadly splitting up the District. The family haha. We had so many amazing experiences together in the ward. I am going to miss everyone so much, but we are excited for what's coming up!

M... is increasing in her faith so much. We felt that something was a little off when we went to visit her during the week, so we went back the next day to figure out any concerns she might have. Sister Morgan and I had a POWERFUL lesson with her while on exchanges. We read a scripture with her - 2 Nephi 31:20 - and it hit her so hard. She said "That's it! It's so true. There is no other way! Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, it's all true! 100%!" We invited her to stop focusing on the worry of her finances, and start focusing on her faith in Christ and expect miracles as she does her part and lives the commandments. She understood and accepted. And what happened after that?! A good friend of hers came to visit her that same night - she hadn't seem him in over 7 years - and out of no where he plans to pay her back the money he owed her, the EXACT amount of money she needs to fix her car. :) Wow. Miracles. She came to church yesterday and loved every minute of it. The ward loves her. While we were with her, she prayed about it and set her own date to be baptized and confirmed on the 11th and 18th of January!

That's all I have time for sorry! A man named P... sitting next to us asked about our church and we got to spend a good amount of time talking to him! Yay for too! Thank you for everything! I love my family! Have a great week!

Sister Bodine

Caroling at Dundas Square

Contact with President Clayton

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