Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter 57 - Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Family!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am grateful for you all! I am grateful for my life. My Savior. My mission. My family. Friends. Talents. Trials. Corks. Everything. It's so great. I'm happy to hear you all had such a great Thanksgiving! Our awesome Bishop and his family invited all the missionaries over to his house on Friday evening to give all us Americans a delicious Thanksgiving. We are very well taken care of up here :)

The thing we are most excited about is that M.. is back on the maps! Do you remember M.. from the first couple weeks that I got into Mississauga? She is from Italy, she was AMAZING, and she disappeared for a little while? Turns out she went to visit her boyfriend up north and got a little antied by him while she was there. When she was there, we called her when Sister Hsiung was still here and her boyfriend answered the phone by saying, "Hello, seventh-day adventist." Haha not the ideal situation. She was going to move up there to be with him, but as she was driving home to Mississauga she felt SO GOOD about leaving him. She didn't understand why, but it felt so right to leave. So she stayed here, broke up with him, and then we showed up again at her door! She let us in, we talked, resolved her concerns about the church, she remembered the feelings she had previously felt in our visits, and felt really strongly that a part of the reason she needed to stay home was for this. It was so cool. M... is amazing. Haha we brought Sister Arthurs to one of our lessons with her, and at the end Sister Arthurs said, "I don't want to be selfish or anything, but would it be possible for you to meet with Mary on Wednesday so I can come again?" It was cute.
     So M... was so excited to be able to come to church. We waited and waited for her to come, and she didn't show up.. We were pretty bummed. After Sacrament Meeting we saw that she had called us twice and texted us. She got in a car accident on her way to the church. Her car was towed away, unusable, and she was headed to the hospital to get checked out. I obviously started crying, we were so sad. She didn't want us to come visit her while she was in the hospital, but she told us she still wanted us to come visit later that evening. We anxiously waited until then. Thankfully, she had no broken bones but she was obviously pretty frustrated about it. We talked, and laughed, and prayed, and read scriptures together. The spirit is always so strong in her home. We are so happy she's okay. I can't believe the amount of love I felt for her the whole day. It was keeping me from wanting to eat because I was so sad for her. I love this calling of a missionary :) 

Mommy? Do you know if we have any distant relatives that live in Midway? With the name of Michael Scott Barrett? Or Rex Barrett? Michael Barrett is a senior couple missionary in our mission.

Still playing the piano.
Sister Mencarelli laughs at me nonstop haha. Especially at my little hiccups sounds that I make all the time. I have turned into Brittany. Sorry daddy.. 
It's fun being bold when it comes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bold, but loving :)

We had zone conference and it was AMAZING!!! A bunch of us went to get a flu shot during the conference, and I laughed the whole time I was preparing to get it. But I didn't laugh while getting it! I was proud of myself. We came back and they were watching "Meet the Mormons"!! It was a little secret gift that President and Sister Clayton gave us. Their reasoning was that if we wanted to invite our ward members to watch it, then we need to watch it as well. It was so good :)

Tuesday was a day of miracles! I don't have enough time to talk about it, but I have learned even more that when you pray for miracles and you work for miracles then you will see miracles. "Miracles" in the Bible Dictionary is amazing :)

Sister Mencarelli and I were asked to give an instruction on how to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ powerfully using the pamphlet in 6 minutes at MLC this Tuesday. So excited :)

Well I love you! Have a wonderful week! Keep your standards! Talk to you later!

Sister Bodine

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