Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter 59 - Merry Christmas!

M... is doing AMAZING!!! Holy cow. She is so prepared and teaching us more than we are teaching her! We were teaching her the Law of Chastity when her neighbor A.. walked in and wanted to listen. We asked M... to fill A... in on what we were talking about. M... holds up the Law of Chastity pamphlet and says, "We are talking about Jesus Christ. And this is one of His commandments" and she goes on to teach the commandment in EVERY detail perfectly. Haha she gets so excited when we teach her about the commandments. When we taught her the Word of Wisdom we opened by saying "we are so excited to get to teach you today" and she cuts in with a huge smile and says "are you going to teach me a commandment??"
   So M... had a miracle this week. On Monday she received the test results from her MRI after the car accident. Turns out that she had an enlarged aorta in her heart. Something that REALLY needs to be taken care of. She wouldn't have known that had she not gotten in the car accident - and the amazing thing is she recognizes that. Thankfully, she doesn't need surgery and she has been able to get the help that she needs to fix it. Such a blessing in disguise. She is LOVING the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, church and knows that it is all true. Not to mention she and A... and S... came to the ward Christmas party Saturday and M... was one of the best friend shippers there! She was making everyone feel loved! 

I don't have much that I want to say except that I was blessed with many eye opening moments this week to teach me about the Savior.
   -A former member of the seventy told me "The level of one's commitment is dependent upon the level of one's witness of the Savior." That really caused me to open my eyes to my own personal witness. How well do I know my Savior? How have I chosen and why do I choose to serve Him every day? Do the things I testify of Him every day come from my heart? I have LOVED pondering these things lately. I have thought about it a lot, I know that we do it already, but now it has sunk into my heart at the perfect time - All of my time and attention and testimony and lessons are going to be focused on testifying of the Savior. And it's going to come from my heart. This past week, the scriptures, Jesus is the Christ, prayers, priesthood blessings, and acting on everything I learn has really opened my eyes and broadened my view on who Jesus Christ is to me. This Christmas is going to be one of the best Christmas's of my life :) I have already seen it changing me.

I love you all so much! I love you all so much! Double time :) God is so good to give me all of you. Go and serve someone this week! Love everyone! Bear your testimony! Keep your standards! Smell! I mean smile :)

Sister Bodine

Zone Council where we were all matching

Hermana Fife between Sister Mencarelli and me IS ELAINE MOSS

The Amazing M...

Mississauga Skyline

My Christmas Tree

April's Baptism

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