Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter 56 -- Good stuff!

So Sister Mencarelli. She's amazing. Absolutely amazing. I feel so blessed to have her as my companion. She is a spiritual giant. Everyone that knows her loves her and looks up to her so much. She has unconditional love for everyone she talks to. She loves learning and improving. She is humble. We laugh every minute of every day haha she makes me feel so funny because she laughs at pretty much everything that I do. She loves sports, and eating, and talking to people. We have a very similar teaching style so it works very well. All in all, she's great. I have been so blessed on my mission with amazing companions :) And Sister Hsiung is back safely in China! That's crazy.

This was a great week. I don't have too much time to say a whole lot, but to summarize it, the ward is lighting up so much to missionary work. Last week, we had an FHE with this wonderful family where we taught them the Restoration and told them of the importance of continuing to seek for a confirmation that all of this is true, no matter how often they have asked. Yesterday, both of the mothers that were present came up to us and shared all their exciting news with us, about how they prayed every day throughout the week, and they had felt God answering their prayers in many ways. They were so excited about it all that we spent probably 30 minutes after church just listening to them share all their ideas about how they are going to invite their friends to FHE, their extended family to the ward Christmas party, etc. It was pretty fun. 
Another brother in our ward invited us to go and sing with him and his family to one of his neighbors in the building. NOT TO MENTION probably 4 separate families brought a non-member friend to church yesterday. So great.
I still get to play the piano in sacrament meeting, relief society, ESL, and district meeting every week. Good stuff :) I  can play pretty much any song in the hymnbook now. 

Polish. Men. Love. Me. Hahaha oh my goodness. There was a Drunk Polish man that started talking to us, and probably 20 times in four minutes he exclaimed, "You just have... the face. Oh my goodness you just have the face. Are you from Poland? You just have the face." Haha we left that conversation, and the next person we see, we go and say hello. The man turns around hahaha looks at me and the first thing he says "woah. Are you Polish?" 

Sister Mencarelli and I have already been having great opportunities to serve our amazing sisters this past week. I am so grateful for this sacred opportunity. It's amazing how when you have your heart and your ears open, God will just PUT things in your mind to remember or people in your mind to reach out to. It's a true blessing. I'm really grateful for it. 

Well I love you all family! I am grateful for you! You and all my amazing friends are in my prayers! Keep your standards! Be safe! Be happy! Love and forgive everyone no matter what! Bye!

Sister Bodine

Lunchtime: a piece of bread with two tostito chips in the middle. Nutritious :)

This is what we like to wear when we go out to contact. It is very effective. Haha just kidding, more like when we have to keep our hair wet to get a haircut. Pretty funny looking

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