Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter 25 -- London for Life!

Well Family,

It looks like London is for reals my new home now. I am blessed to be here for almost the first half of my mission. Best place EVER. And I still get to be with Sister Gillins. BOOYAH. Transfers is like Christmas day to me. I always get SO EXCITED to find out how many changes are taking place. Change means different missionaries, and different missionaries means different people and ideas that you can learn from. I LOVE IT. Haha Sister Gillins had to deal with my excitement. Elder Mecham, our district leader told us some of the changes, and after we hung up I started dancing around the apartment with excitement.

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! It's my favorite holiday :) And yesterday was such a great day. So many wonderful people came to church and everyone was just so springy and happy. Me included. You wanna know why? Because I was asked to play the piano in Sacrament Meeting, in Primary (mom you have the DREAM calling), and we ended up teaching the Gospel Principles lesson.
Not to mention, SISTER GILLINS' FAMILY IS AMAZING!!!!!! Sister Gillins gets a package every week (no joke) and they were kind enough to include me in the Easter Gifts. It felt like Christmas morning unwrapping our gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH Brother and Sister Gillins and Grandma and Grandpa Gillins. I love you and I love your daughter!!

SO yesterday, Sister Gillins and I were driving over to an area where we were going to drop by some potential investigators. We were sitting at a stop light by the mall, and people were getting off a bus right in front of us. There was this sweet looking little man that got off the bus and was walking across the empty parking lot. The thought came to me to drive over and talk to him. A very inconvenient time to receive that prompting? Yes haha. But Sister Gillins and I have been working to avoid any opportunity of feeling regret and I knew I would regret not stopping. So we ended up turning into the parking lot, we got out of our car, ran to catch up with him, talked, testified, laughed, set up an appointment, smiled, prayed - we have a new friend named M... now. We are really excited to meet with him. Tender mercies!

T... is doing AMAZING!!!! This past week. He prayed on his own "with all his heart" and read the Book of Mormon and felt a sense of peace, like a burden was taken off him for a moment. He attended two sessions of General Conference, came to our ward party this past week, a full block of church AND there was a Single Adult gathering happening in Chatham and he went with a lady in our ward. SO COOL. He has been loving it all. It's so fun teaching him because the biggest thing he needs to keep going and trying it out is encouragement and excitement with keeping commitments and Sister Gillins and I LOVE doing that. It's our specialty :)
I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Thank you for everything!! Have an amazing week. Find someone to be a friend to and Make them smile!

Sister Bodine

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