Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter 23 -- Hello Family!

Hey Everybody!

CAN YOU BELIEVE GENERAL CONFERENCE?!?!?!?!??!?!?! One of our dear ward members, Sister Barker, told us that when she was investigating the church, she re-named the Book of Mormon and called it "WOW". haha Love it. I would like to rename General Conference to "WOW" as well. The spirit was so strong. And being out on a mission getting to watch it in a chapel with people who had never heard of Thomas S Monson before they met us is the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! General Conference is way too short....... And Elder Ballard's talk has already opened up many more opportunities to teach our member's friends! Woopee!!!!

Lots of great things happened this week! I don't have much time so I'm sorry, but know that Sister Gillins and I are setting goals and working till we drop! Haha we get to bed and we are both so tired it's ridiculous. Such a good feeling. One of my favorite things lately is goal setting and evaluating with Sister Gillins. She has so many amazing insights, ideas, and her testimony and ability to teach is increasing day after day, minute after minute. She has such a strong desire to improve and it is so fun to see. I am learning, from her, humility, patience, LOVE, faith, encouragement, everything a missionary needs. And as a result of her example, encompassed with help from the spirit, miracles are happening this week!!!

We had to do some "Spring Cleaning" in our teaching pool this past week so we lost a lot of investigators and our days this week were more than open haha. After Spring Cleaning we got a call from our Zone Leaders telling us that the zone's goal is to focus on Member Present Lessons (because those are DEFINTIELY the most effective) and we hope to have 100 member present lessons as a zone this week. That is around 7 Member Present lessons for each companionship. They told us that they prayerfully considered it, and felt strongly that the London First Ward (us) could have 15 member Present lessons this week..... Sister Gillins and I looked at each other when they were saying this and immediately did a silent jig out of excitement hahaha we were so excited for this goal!!!! And as nervous as heck because we had little to no appointments scheduled!!!! But that is when the Lord's miracles began to come forth. We have been praying, fasting, and doing a lot of preparing. The past few days we have been calling Former Investigators, talking to new investigators, calling all the members in our ward, praying some more - and miraculously we have been getting call after call of less actives who just moved in and are hoping to get back into the church, athiest who are suddenly hoping to learn more about God, Member's friends who are asking question and showing interest. Our schedule for the next four days at least are filled to the brim and members all around are accepting our invitation to come teaching with us. This week is going to be amazing!!!! Sister Gillins and I are going to do everything we can. We will not "let up, slow down, or be still". WE WILL DO OUR PART.

Every single day I wake up just thanking my Heavenly Father for this opportunity. I am honored each and every morning to be here.

Oh! Also, I am now eating mushrooms, and olives, I can whistle now, I almost killed myself on some loose wooden steps, cats don't disgust me (as much) anymore, and milk in a bag is TEN TIMES better than milk in a carton. These are some changes that have taken place in the last five and a half months :)

D.... refuses to be baptized but she is coming to everything and she is singing the hymns now!!!! She has no idea what they are and what the tune is but she sings with all her heart and it is the cutest thing in the world. Love her.

Well I'm sorry this is so short. Next week will have more info. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! Keep your standards and be safe and TALK WITH EVERYONE YOU COME IN CONTACT WITH ABOUT THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!

Sister Bodine

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