Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter 27 -- One year older and still biking a hundred miles!

Hello Family!


This was an amazing week. Daddy I don't know if you looked at Sister Warburton's BLog this week. If you haven't go look at last week's email :)

So we had Skills and Interviews this week with President and Sister Scott. I LOVE getting to talk to them. I made the mistake of blinking while talking to President Scott and it was suddenly over. haha it goes by so fast. They are such amazing people. Zone Training has now been changed to be called Zone Council - meaning that all missionaries in the zone are there to work together. So we sat in a circle like a council and as a group prayerfully decided what our goals for the zone were going to be for the month of May. It was a really cool experience deciding it together and getting everyone's ideas and points of view.

So Sister Gillins and I had a really cool experience yesterday. I have been working really hard at following the promptings I receive while we are out contacting. Yesterday, we had the feeling to go to Orchard Park and tract the houses in that area. Before getting there my eyes were set on a street called Middlewoods and I felt like we had been there before. It was really weird because I know that we haven't. So we drove through Middlewoods, it looked great and then we found this really nice looking neighborhood a couple of streets down that looked great and decided to park and get out there. We said our prayer in the car and just as we opened the car doors, I got a little spiritual slap in the face saying "You have been wanting to feel more promptings from the spirit - now you're getting one so GO TO MIDDLEWOODS." I got it so I told Sister Gillins, we got back in the car and drove back to where we had started. We knocked on a couple houses, and then a boy our age walked past us. We ran up and started talking to him. Long story short, he has had a REALLY hard life, he has lots of questions and he is ready to have them answered. We scheduled an appointment for him to meet with the YSA Elders. We found out just as we were leaving that he usually takes a short cut route to get to his home, but ended up taking the longer road that day. And that is when we saw him!! God is good :)

Haha Sister Gillins and I, the past couple of days, have had many opportunities to get frustrated and discouraged with ourselves, our investigators, and other things. But we didn't :) Haha there was one particular day where things did not go very well that night, and during our daily planning it was really easy to tell that both our minds were elsewhere. So we got our pillows, brought them into the study room and took a couple minutes to just scream into our pillows. It turned into laughter after a little while and it felt great haha. You gotta love missionary life :) IT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!

We are working with so many amazing people right now. We have 4 friends progressing towards baptism in May right now, and they are all working really hard to keep their commitments! It is so much fun. G..., A... (name changed), T..., B.... and his son, D.... and two of her kids all came to church. It was amazing. There were so many people at church this week and it sounded like a zoo in Sacrament Meeting. Our ward is a very big happy family so everyone sits with everyone during Sacrament and kids are running around from pew to pew. Not the most reverent thing ha but we have unity that's for sure! 

So A.... is amazing. WE met him through Church Headquarters, and at first we thought he was a less-active when we first talked to him! We found out that he really isn't a member, but he is totally prepared and excited about the gospel. He has been looking for the truth for years. Thank goodness for the Osmond family and being representatives of the church and a strong happy family throughout the years. That's what sold him on it haha. We met with him for the first time this week. As of now, he is loving the Book of Mormon, he has downloaded pretty much every gospel app possible and he is striving to live the word of wisdom before we've even taught him about it haha. Thanks to he pretty much knows everything about our church before he even met with us. He even downloaded "The District" and watched that several months ago! Haha he is so prepared that Sister Gillins and I were nervous that he really was a member playing a trick on us by letting us teach him. Since that has happened to us before... but this is for reals :)

I might get to sing in church for Mother's Day next week mommy! It'll be for you :)

Well I love you all. I have been loving the Book of Mormon lately and most definitely been loving focusing my studies on light and the Spirit. The Holy Ghost truly is such a gift and is SO IMPORTANT for people to understand and recognize when learning about the gospel. It's so much fun to study but even more fun to APPLY!!!
Make it a great week! Family I am excited to talk with you next week! Come up with some great questions you would like to ask me. I promise I will answer them :) haha Keep your standards!

Sister Bodine

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