Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter 22 -- Great week!!

Hello my familia!

So we got a phone number from some other missionaries we were supposed to call. We called K... and explained who we are. Before too long K.... butt in and said,
   K... - "No thanks. I'm not interested. I already know all about your message and I don't need to learn any more. It's not for me.
   Me - "Awesome where did you previously hear all this from?! So you heard about our message of eternal families, the Book of Mormon, and a prophet on the earth today??"
   K.... - "....*silence*.....Well I haven't heard about that stuff."
   Sister Gillins and me - silent laughter on the other side of the phone
   Sister Gillins - "Well let us tell you a little bit more then!"
Hahaha best thing ever. We told him more about Thomas S. Monson and General Conference coming up over the phone. He took down the address and the times and said he plans to check it out this weekend. Let's hope so! See you there K... :)

S....!! Remember S... who came to church and told us it was boring? We have been trying to get a hold of her lately. We stopped by and she didn't seem too excited for us to visit and we told her we would contact her sometime this week. On Tuesday we sent her a text asking when we could come meet. She answered back saying, "I actually had a dream that you two came and visited me on Saturday. Would that work for you?" WOW!!!!!!! So this past week Sister Gillins and I have really been working on recognizing the spirit more in our teaching, and throughout the day. And we felt strongly that that was what we should talk to S.... about. Our lesson with her was easily one of the most powerful and spiritual lessons of my mission. The Spirit COMPLETELY guided us all through. Somehow we went from the spirit, to reemphasizing the Priesthood being restored, to baptism, and so on. Usually a lesson like that, we would leave thinking "wow that was scattered", but it just all fell perfectly into place. S.... expressed so many things from her heart. We helped her understand the importance of church, prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and SHE helped herself understand the importance of baptism. She said, "I don't know what it is about you two, but you carry such a strong spirit about you. And I actually enjoyed you coming over hahahahahahahahaha" (she laughs alot haha). There were so many points where S... would say something, and Sister Gillins and I would sit there in silence having no idea what to say. When finally a thought would come, or eventually we would just open our mouths and "it would be filled". We left S...'s house and Sister Gillins and I couldn't even remember what we talked to S... about, but the spirit was just enveloping the both of us. Such an amazing experience. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

So G.... wasn't baptized on Saturday. A little set back so we are preparing for April 13th. G... is VERY bitter about it. Long story, but PLEASE just keep him in your prayers. All will be well :)

We have a lady in our ward to watches this sweet girl named K... sometimes. K... is 10 years old. She has grown up in a home with a yelling mother who smokes and spends a lot of time working and playing, a split up family, and she herself has gone from being the one who is bullied to being the bully. Oh my goodness just writing this right now, I am having such a feeling of LOVE for her right now. She is so amazing, and so talented, and so giving. No one like her deserves to EVER EVER EVER think she is something less than a daughter of God. She comes to church sometimes with our ward member. Saturday, and yesterday we got to go over and teach her about the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We developed a strong friendship with her, and most of all focused on helping her know that she is LOVED - by us and by her Heavenly Father. The Spirit was so strong. We get to see her again next week!! So excited :)

Sister P...'s son V.... was baptized yesterday. D... CAME!!!! But the thing that stunk is they were late so she missed the actual baptism part... Afterwards we went up to her and told her we were sad she missed the baptism. She said, "I was too! I'll see it next time. Unless it's me that's being baptized!" Haha you will be D....! She's amazing :) She just needs to allow herself to say yes! She is so ready that the ward members forget she isn't baptized already haha. Sometime SOON. That's for sure.

This mission is not only life-changing, but it is FUN!! I am so happy. But there is always just so much more that I know I can do. SO MUCH MORE. Patience with myself. Patience is becoming my middle name :) haha becoming...... but it's getting easier. The more and more Sister Gillins and I work and strive to fulfill our goals, the funner it gets, the more powerful it gets, the more miracles we see. I KNOW this is Christ's church again restored on the earth today. Tonight we have the privilege to be sharing this message with a Seventh-day Adventist missionary and his family. We are stoked :)

Make it a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!

Sister Bodine

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