Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter 18 -- Hey everybody!

Hello Family!!
Things are going great here in London. Transfers are next week! We guess that I am going and Sister Mendenhall is staying. We shall see! I would be beyond happy either way :)

Zone Conference was this week and oh my goodness.... that is all I have to say. Heavenly Father knows EXACTLY what we need in our lives. He is mindful of all His children and He knows when and where to answer our prayers at the perfect time. I am so grateful for the things that I learned. I had what I like to call the "spiritual headache" where the spirit is so strong that it just drains you and you have a headache from crying so much haha. The testimony meeting of everyone who was leaving was miraculous.

So the teaching is going great! We had an awesome lesson with G... this week about bearing a simple testimony because he wants to bear his testimony at his baptism and had planned a whole eloquent novel to read for it haha. We invited Brother and Sister P... to come with us. Brother P... is a convert to the church - he has never been able to keep the Word of Wisdom even when he was baptized and he has always been in and out of the church. They both have been called as ward missionaries and Brother P....'s whole perspective of life turned upside down. The first sacrament meeting  of the year he went up and bore his testimony. Ever since he was called, he has come to church every week! We have been working really hard with them both getting them to help out, but Bro P... would never come teaching with us. Finally he came! He did such an amazing job. We invited them both to bear their testimonies as an example, and right as Brother P... began to speak, a spirit filled the room. It was so powerful. I love this mission in that not only are we able to strengthen people who are not a part of the church, but we are able to strengthen those that are within! Brother P.... promised G... that he would stop smoking if G.... stopped smoking so we were happy about that!
     As a missionary it has been killing me because I just feel that there is more that we can do to help G.... But we have been doing so much. Sometimes it seems like too much and it seems like we are babying him with all the help. That won't do him any good because we will be gone sooner or later. We have worked a lot of getting members involved and they have been reaching out, and he is slowly accepting it (he didn't at all at first). We will see. Just keep praying for him.

I have been LOVING asking for referrals lately. I've been trying different ways to ask for them, and most of them haven't worked out hahaha but at least we are coming up with different ideas.
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I hope you have a great week! This gospel is true! Someday, I will learn to type faster so I can write more in my time slot haha sorry! Keep your standards!!

Sister Bodine

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