Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter 20 - SAY WHAT?!!??!

JARED AND APRIL BODINE ARE FOR REALS ENGAGED!?!?!??!! Hahaha I am sitting here in the library right now, people all around, bawling my eyes out. BOOYAH!!!! WOOPEE!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I'm still bawling. Haha I am so excited for you guys. Wow that is so amazing. I have no time so please know that I am so excited for you~!! Thanks for telling me. April thank you for the picture I loved it!!!
So my new companion is Sister Clarissa Gillins from Herriman Utah. And oh my goodness she is amazing. I feel so honored to be able to teach with her. Even after our first week we are working so well together. We are setting goals like crazy. Trying new things. Talking with everyone. Our lessons have been going great.This is going to be such a great transfer. I love being the designated driver but I am so sad to not be in charge of the phone anymore. Haha I LOVE talking to people on the phone. Sister Gillins is a great teacher. She is really shy and talking to people on the street is pretty hard for her - so we are working on that of course :) But the Lord has blessed us with so many amazing experiences this week!

First full night, we went to drop by a less-active's home. We saw an older couple shoveling and we went over to give them a break. R... loves to read and we told her and J... that we have an amazing book we would like to show them ;) hehe. They took the Book of Mormon and we are meeting with them this week. We had about five minutes until we had to leave so we picked another house and knocked. I told Sister Gillins that she would be taking the lead and I would support. She was tongue-tied haha. She tried to explain the Book of Mormon and just was not able to get her thoughts out. However, I felt the most amazing peace as Sister Gillins was talking. The spirit was SO STRONG despite her inability to speak, and finally the woman at the door said "It's okay, it's okay. I will take the Book and read it." Haha Sister Gillins and I looked at each other with a smile handed her the Book of Mormon - taught her a little more about our church and left. It was the perfect example of the Lord working through His two imperfect daughters :)

I finally got to meet Sister Waldron from Clifton, Idaho! We stayed the night at her and her companion's apartment before we went to pick up our new companions. She is wonderful! So cute and full of light. It was fun getting to talk to her.

Haha great experience! So remember the Chinese girl named Z.. we taught several weeks ago? Sister Gillins and I were in the same building that Z.. lived in. We saw a really nice Chinese girl with her boyfriend and my first reaction was to yell, "Z...?!?!" Hahaha this poor Chinese girl was freaked out. She had no idea who I was. She was not the Z... we had taught. But her reaction was "How did you know my American name was Z...?" hahahaha her name is Z... too!! We had to leave so we gave her our card and ran away laughing at the funny coincidence. Later that day we get a text from a random number saying "Hi. I still don't know how you know my American name, but I would love to be friends." we scheduled an appointment and met with her and her boyfriend. We asked her and M... what they hoped to get out of this visit and they answered that they wanted to learn more about God and maybe even join our church?....... WOW!!! Not what we expected, but yest M... and Z..., you are more then welcome to join our church :) They were so amazing and the spirit was so powerful as they prayed for the first time. They were soaking up EVERYTHING we were teaching them.

K... S.... has been FEASTING on the Bible for 20 years now. And when we gave him the Book of Mormon to read, he held out both arms, eyes fixed on the Book as though it were a new born baby. haha as we taught him he kept saying things like, "AH!! If only you knew how awesome it really is that you are giving this Book to me! Just imagine someone coming up to you and saying 'Hey God has another book you can read' and you can read it!" he is so excited. The first time we met with him he didn't want to go to church because he has panic attacks. After reading from the Book of Mormon, he committed to baptism, coming to church EVERY week, reading and praying every day, and I for reals believe he will do it. He is stoked. Sister Gillins and I have been using a different method to teach people about the Book of Mormon and we LOVE it!! It has been working so well to get people excited to read it. AH I JUST LOVE MY LIFE SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!!!

I gotta go but I loVe this work! I love you all! Keep your standards and make it a great week! My eyes hurt from crying so much. Thanks a lot April and Jared?!! ;) haha Make it a great week!

Sister Bodine

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