Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter 17 -- Hey y'all :)

Hello Family :)

I don't have much time, but I wanted to write you all and bear my simple testimony about TRUTH. As stated in D&C 93, Truth is a knowledge of things as they are, were, and as they will be. TRUTH NEVER CHANGES. I know with all my heart, that God is a God of truth. He is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever. His gospel never changes. His love never changes. We can always trust in our loving Heavenly Father. In this life, there are many things that we can put our faith in - people, objects, feelings - but no matter what, the surest Thing we can put our trust in is the LOVE OF GOD. I am saying this with tears in my eyes because it means so much to me. Here on my mission, I see so many different people, different cultures, different experiences - people with eternally happy lives, temporary happy lives, and lives with no sign of happiness at all. People looking for the truth and "knowing not where to find it." As missionaries, we experience both praise and persecution for that which we know to be true. Despite anything that happens to me in my life, and no matter what anyone has to say, I know with all my heart that THE FULL TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN RESTORED!!! The truest, surest foundation we could possible have for time and all eternity is HERE. We have a prophet of God, the Book of Mormon, temples, families, THE PRIESTHOOD, and EVERYTHING we need in life to gain peace in this life and return to live with God again. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEARCH ANYMORE!!!! I can not express it enough, and to try and convey my full feelings in words feels like trying to launch a spaceship by merely lighting a match hahahaha. Get the picture?!?!?!?! I love this gospel with all my heart :)

We had an awesome experience yesterday. Our area here in London is pretty huge. Last night we had an hour and a half of open time so we decided to exercise our faith. We got out the map, and I prayed that the Lord would open Sister Mendenhall's heart to know where we need to go. After the prayer, she said she got her answer and pointed to a little tiny road on the top of our area. So we drove up there. Got out of the car, and the second door we knocked on, a man opened the door with a HUGE smile on his face. haha we found out he and his wife had gone to Temple Square on a business trip and loved the tour they were given. They remember learning about the Book of Mormon, and several years after that they were visited by another set of sister missionaries, but they ended up leaving the area just after that. A few years later we suddenly come to their doorstep! THE LORD TRULY KNOWS HIS CHILDREN!!! We taught them the first lesson, and the spirit was amazing. Sadly, they are so busy that they did not accept a second visit. But we left there with such high hopes for that family. Their time will come, and slowly but surely God is nourishing their seed. It was so amazing to be a part of it.

I'm sorry this is such a short email but please know that I love you all. I am so grateful for this oppurtunity to serve. Thank you all for the support and prayers. Never stop loving, reading, praying, and expressing gratitude for EVERYTHING that God has blessed you with in your life. Have a week and make it GREAT!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! :)

Sister Bodine

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