Monday, April 13, 2015

Letter 76 -- Good things always happening on a mission.

Hello wonderful family!

This was a BEAUTIFUL week. Sister Chelson and I were blessed to walk about without a jacket on yesterday! Things are starting to get green. People are OUTSIDE. I love contacting people on the streets. Sister Chelson is such a personable person. She does a great job making people feel loved. Her smile is CONTAGIOUS.

Our excitement for the week came yesterday at church and in fast and testimony meeting. Person after person went up to share their testimony of missionary experiences that they have been having with friends and family. The stake had a fast for missionary experiences three weeks before we came into the ward, and they are beginning to see the fruits of their faith. They are having friends asking about the church, family members coming back to church, and they are getting more confident with sharing the gospel!!! The spirit in that testimony meeting was more powerful than I have probably ever felt in a testimony meeting before. And a LOT of people went up. We have been writing thank you notes to the members that have been helping us with our missionary efforts - it is amazing what a simple thing can do to get people excited to do more. Even our Bishop is getting excited. Whenever I went on exchanges here, the sisters talked about how great the ward was but they weren't very missionary minded, the Bishop didn't talk much about missionary work and very little action was taking place. The two companionships in our ward had dinner with the Bishop and his family. As we talked with them, the spirit was filling the room. It was easy to tell that we all felt it. And we saw a change in our Bishop when we saw him at sacrament meeting! He encouraged to have everyone invite the missionaries over to feel the spirit in their homes, that the spirit we bring is "contagious", as well as he invited everyone to prayerfully consider, as a family, what they are going to do to be missionaries.

Our ward is also planning a mini mission on the last Sunday that I will be here! We will be taking the youth around with us to teach lessons, role play, contact, and even have a dinner appointment. This will be such a good chance for the youth to see how amazing a mission is!

Sisters Chelson, Barton, Sudweeks and I sang a song in Sacrament Meeting yesterday also and it went very well!!

GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! We had dinner with Brother and Sister Anampiu yesterday. Brother Anampiu was telling us about his conversion story. He was baptized four years ago. And then he asked me if I knew his missionary because he was from Orem. Elder Henderson!!!! I thought it was so cool to be able to see the fruits of Elder Henderson's service. That Brother Anampiu is a worthy Priesthood Holder, has gone through the temple, is married to a wonderful woman in the church, and is bearing HIS testimony to us about the gospel. Many people in this ward still talk about Elder Henderson here. Seems like he really made an impression on these members! Thanks for your service Trevor!!

I am so excited for this ward. Thank you all so much for your prayers because it is working in the lives of the people in this area. Sister Chelson and I love these people SO MUCH!!!! We are so happy :) And we PROMISE to continue to work to until we drop!!! We will give it our ALL this week. I love you all so much!!! Have a great week!!! Keep your standards!!!

Sister Bodine

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