Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter 75 -- General Conference, Easter visits, and help from angels :)

Hello wonderful family :)

Could General Conference have been any more powerful?? Wow it was wonderful. I went with a few questions and left with those questions answered at MANY different times. We loved being able to watch it in the chapel with our members. So many good talks. I LOVED Kevin W. Pearson's talk. And Elder Holland always mesmerizes me in his talks haha. The last session, we watched it at Sister Semyroz's home. It was her first time ever, in her 40 years of being a member, that she was able to watch it with someone in her home and she kept thanking us for it. We made dinner together aftewards and had a delicious turkey dinner feast! Happy Easter everyone :) Did you know that this is my favorite holiday?? I love it. But I really loved it this year, because, for the first time I tracked the different things each day at different times of what must have happened to the Savior leading up to his miraculous Resurrection. It was a very sacred experience.

So Monday through Thursday was a BLAST. We didn't have a car, and our area is much larger than it should be if you are on foot haha so we spent all day walking, running, sprinting, sweating, laughing, teaching, running some more, and laughing even MORE when it started to rain like ten minutes after we got our car back on Thursday. Such a great time. 
   The best thing that happened was the decision we made to go drop by S... She and her family has met with missionaries periodically over a span of 7 years! She absolutely loves the missionaries, she knows the Book of Mormon is true, and she defends the church any time someone talks negatively about it! We went over and she invited us in immediately. Her children were home so we invited them all to come and join us. C...  and N.... They are such good boys! As we talked, we got into a conversation about the Book of Mormon. C... expressed his desire to read the Book of Mormon so we gave him his very own. It seemed like Christmas time because he reverently took that Book into his arms, with wide eyes, and over and over again during the visit he would say, "thank you SO MUCH again for this. This means the world to me. I am going to start reading it right once you leave." We shared our testimonies about how the Book of Mormon helps strengthen our relationship with our families, it can help us do better in school, and help us be more patient. He got all excited and looked over at his mom and exclaimed "Well I'd better start reading right now then!" The next time we came back, C... reported that they read the Book of Mormon together on mom's bed every night. And he told us everything he learned. It was a great experience.

On Friday, we had skills and interviews. Interviews with President and Sister Clayton are always things to look forward to. And I felt like a proud momma or something being companions with Sister Chelson during zone council! Her comments were so wonderful and during our role plays she taught with so much POWER. She is teaching me so much.
  After zone council we went back and had about an hour to work in our area before we had to head home. We went to this area to drop by a potential, and the plan was to drive back and work around our home. But we felt that we should knock on a few more doors. And boy was it a good thing that we followed that prompting. Those "few doors" turned into the whole block haha, and the last door we knocked on, a man opened the door and we began to share with him our Easter message. His wife came and invited us in. We sat down at the table with the O.... family - mom, dad, two daughters, and their aunt and uncle. We spent the whole visit answering questions they had about our beliefs. They expressed concerns about how to raise a family in this world, how to find answers to our prayers, how to know God is real, how to know what they should believe. It was amazing. We left that experience on CLOUD NINE for the chance we had to visit with that wonderful family and teach them about the RESTORED GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Such an answer to our prayers.

Our Zone has this Book of Mormon challenge we are doing where each day, a missionary in our zone will choose a scripture and we are challenged to use that scripture at some point during the day. They promised us that we will see miracles. And Sister Chelson and I have :) The first day, we got home that night without a chance to share the scripture. So we decided to call our Sister Training Leaders and share it with them. Randomly, they decided to answer it while they were in a lesson with Mary, our wonderful sweet investigator in Brampton! So we got to share the scripture with her :) She is progressing towards baptism and confirmation! And yesterday we were invited to use Mosiah 2:41 throughout the day - one of my favorite scriptures :) We met this man on his driveway and he immediately told us that his mum-in-law had just passed away and he just got back from her funeral. We asked him to tell us a little about her, his favorite memories of her, and he began to talk and talk about that and more - Telling us about his life, his faith, good and bad decisions he has made. Our conversation led perfectly into sharing Mosiah 2:41 :) We shared it, we talked, we left him with a Book of Mormon and he was excited to read from it that night. Just before we left he said, "You say this Book will bring me peace, but you right here just brought me a great amount of peace. I have no doubt that my mother-in-law sent you to me." 

I love this work! I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Keep your standards!

Sister Bodine

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