Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter 49 -- Mosquitos are Disgusting and the Gospel is SO TRUE

Hola mi familia!

So transfers have hit Canada! Sister Hsiung and I are staying in Mississauga North! Not many changes happened to our sisters. We are losing one sister to another zone, but other than that everyone is staying the same or switching companions within the two zones we work with. And we have another companionship opening an area as well. Sister Caner and I have worked around each other quite a bit during our mission and she is reopening Toronto East and Training! Woohoo I love transfers!!

Tender mercy! Sister Hsiung and I were contacting in Square One a few weeks ago - Square One is a HUGE mall in Mississauga with hundreds of wonderful people walking around all day; we stand outside and catch people going to their cars, sitting in their cars, driving their cars haha, and sitting on benches, it is a blessed place. But anyways, I got into a conversation with this sweet old Vietnamese man who was spending time with his granddaughters. He learned about God while in a refugee camp in Thailand and has believed in him ever since. But his whole family is Buddhist and doesn't support him in his beliefs. His greatest desire is for his family to have the chance to learn about God. I opened the Plan of Salvation pamphlet, showed him the Plan, and briefly explained the Spirit World. My dear friend's face LIT UP and he got so excited. He gave me his number and invited us to come and share more. So for the past few weeks we have been trying to get a hold of him. Dropping by his house, calling him - no answer any time. Yesterday morning we dropped by in the morning on our way to General Conference and had the same response, nothing. So we decided to stop dropping by. But last night, just as we were going home, we felt that we should try one more time. So we stopped by on our way home, and we saw a CAR outside his house. We rang the doorbell and HE CAME TO THE DOOR. And the greatest thing of all is that he looked happier than I have ever seen someone look when he saw us standing there. We are planning to come back again this week. Sister Hsiung and I both left with the greatest feeling. He is so prepared to hear the gospel. And God knows it. So God made sure that we went over just one more time than we had planned to give His son a chance.

Another experience at Square One - in between conference sessions we went to Square One to contact. I began to talk to this man named K. We talked about God's support throughout our lives and K talked about the things he had gone through - parents recently dying in a car accident, divorce and leaving everything to his wife and son, drug addictions earlier in life that left him in jail for seven years - he listed them on and on. He said it all with a smile on his face, but I could just SEE that he had so much hurt in him. I testified of the power of the Savior's Atonement, that He has the power to cleanse us - and that through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can start a new life. When I said that, a tear fell down his face and I realized he was crying behind his sunglasses. I immediately invited him to be baptized and he accepted with a resounding "yes! Take my number, take my email..." haha it was such an amazing experience. I really truly hope that we, as missionaries, will be able to see the fruits of this experience. But nonetheless, K now knows where he can find peace.

We went on exchanges with the Christie East Sisters, and I stayed in Toronto with Hermana Horton and their new companion Hermana Pilling. Hermana Pilling is a visa waiter for her mission in Spain, and she looks EXACTLY like Hannah Spencer. It was freaking me out the whole exchange. Haha every time I turned to look at her I would have a mini heart attack of it being Hannah and then would remember that it was Hermana Pilling. I'll get a picture and send it sometime.

One of the most disgusting things in the world: contacting at the houses near the Lakeshore. Why? I will tell you why. Because mosquitos are everywhere. And mosquitos aren't that bad. They are annoying but not bad. What's bad is when your companion freaks out and runs away from you in fear while you are on the phone. You wonder what she is running away from, you turn around, and see this floating black tunnel-like thing about five feet away from you, probably two feet wide and EASILY twenty feet or more high, and you realize it is a swarm of mosquitos. Now that is disgusting. But if Lakeshore is where the Lord wants us to go... then we will go.. :)

Wow!! General Conference, as always, was Christmas Day! Haha I almost started crying after the Saturday morning session ended because it went by too fast. But I loved it. Things that I really came to learn from our leaders this weekend is that the Prophet Thomas S. Monson was called of God, Joseph Smith restored the gospel and is a prophet, we need to focus on the basic things that strengthen our testimony, and the family and is the central, fundamental place to learn. I loved it so much.

I JUST LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!! I love my family so much. I love our prophets so much. I love the Book of Mormon. The church is true!!

I hope you have a great day and week and month and forever! Always remember WHOSE you are and don't forget to keep your standards! 

Sister Bodine

April is a Chinese Investigator found through ESL

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