Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter 50 -- Quick Happy Thanksgiving Message!

Hello Everyone!!

So we have about thirty minutes right now because yesterday was Canada's Thanksgiving, and today our zone is having a Turkey Bowl against the Brampton Zone at the mission home in a little while! I'm so excited :)

This week was for sure a GREAT week to start off the new transfer. Last transfer we were unable to hit Standards at all. But we started off the transfer by hitting standards and it was a MIRACULOUS thing! 

This week we had a day called A Day In the Life of A Missionary where members followed us around throughout the day and tweeted everything that we did. Mom and dad are Facebook friends with Ekam so they were able to stay connected and watch it in action but it was pretty cool. From what it sounded like, #mormons#lds#missionaries were FLOODING Ontario. We hope to do it again and have it even bigger with everyone involved! Technology is getting the good word out! But honestly I have never had a day like this in my whole mission. We had lesson after lesson popping up, scheduled and spontaneous. We gave three chapel tours, extended three baptismal dates, spontaneously taught 5 college students in their home, 5 new investigators - we ended up having 9 member present lessons that day which is unheard of! And all our investigators are AMAZING. Such a miracle.

A really cool piece of that day was we were blessed to have President and Sister Clayton join us in our lesson with Q...! Q... has an amazing story that I will have to tell you about later. But we taught him the restoration and he soaked it all in and asked US if he could come to church. It was so great. And funny story with him! We received a call from a potential investigator named S... at 10:15 on Saturday night saying she wanted to come to church and asked if we could find a ride for her and her son (car seat was needed). The only people up north that far that could drive were us and Q.... So... we called Q... and asked if he could drive her and he was happy to! Then Sunday morning we remembered that we aren't supposed to have single males drive single females alone (and vice versa) so that morning we asked if we could drive with him as well and he gladly accepted! Haha so we had a party driving to church together.

The missionaries in our ward ate Thanksgiving with a bunch of Spanish families in our ward. Funnest and funniest night ever. I love the Spanish culture so much. They are so giving, and so willing to help out with the missionary work. And they really know how to throw amazing parties and cook amazing food! Haha we were all dying after dinner.

There is so much for me to say, but I have to go now. I love you all so much and I guess I am blessed with two times this year that I am able to say I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU ALL!! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a great week!
I hope to have more time next week to answer all your emails. Grandma I love you with all my heart!!

Sister Bodine

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