Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter 47 -- The spirit feels good :)

Hello family!

Way to go on the bike ride everyone! I saw that pic with dad dead on the couch. It sounds and LOOKS like it was a good ride haha. Glad you were all able to do it! Happy to hear my family is doing so well!

So many wonderful experiences lately. For the sake of time, I'll share two special ones that happened last night.

Sister Hsiung and I had an amazing experience yesterday. We feel like we have been working hard in this area, and we have been trying many different ways to contact and teach investigators. There have been a lot of small miracles! Yet this area hasn't been seeing a lot of success. Last night, while walking down the street, we were expressing our feelings about it and how we feel a little guilty that this area isn't seeing a lot of success, yet we feel peaceful about it. Are we being complacent and lazy with our work? Or are we doing what God wants us to do, and we feel this way because He is pleased with us? While having this discussion, there was no one on the street, but just as we shared that thought, we saw a man walking toward us on the street. We introduced ourselves and began to have a great discussion with him. His name is E... and he is from Nigeria. The spirit was pulsing through my heart as we were talking to him. It was a very simple conversation, but exactly what he needed, and at the end he gladly volunteered to give us his number and he invited us back to visit with him and his family. He was the last person we talked to that night. With that exchange happening immediately after our discussion about our work, I knew it was an answer from Heavenly Father that He is proud of what we are doing.  I am so grateful for the way that God works. He is so mindful of His children. I could see that as He answered a man's aching heart, and two imperfect, faithful missionaries' questions at the same time. 

Sister Hsiung and I had another amazing experience with following the spirit last night. We were calling Black Creek North (Hermana Guerra and Fife) about our exchange coming up on Tuesday. Hermana Fife has had the flu for the the past couple of weeks and they haven't been able to do anything as a result. We called to see if we should cancel the exchange and do it a little later. They denied that offer because they are amazing haha and felt that they needed the exchange. However, Hermana Fife would probably end up staying indoors throughout the day because she is so weak. Just as we were about to hang up, I felt prompted that we needed to change it up and Hermana Guerra and I needed to stay in Black Creek rather than come to our area to help them get things going (they haven't had any lessons in two weeks). So before they hung up, I stopped them and offered that option. It was hard to do because our area has been very slow lately and another day of not working was painful to think about. But right as I said it, it felt SO right. I found out later that Sister Hsiung received that same feeling and was going to talk to me about it. Once we finalized the exchange, we felt the spirit so strongly that this is what would be best. We've never have such a strong impressions about who should go where for exchanges before. It was definitely a testimony builder to me that the Lord is constantly directing His work! And the greatest thing ever, is that about fifteen minutes after that call, we received a text from the Hermanas saying they had already put set up four solid lessons, two of them with members present, (probably a dinner appointment also).. I have never seen missionaries with such a drive to work as these sisters show. They are incredible.

Daddy asked a bunch of questions about how the exchanges work. So I will answer them for all of ya'll! :) We go on two exchanges a week. We cover two zones (Weston and Ossington) - twenty sisters. We exchange at around 8 in the evening, spend the night, the whole next day, and then exchange at 8 the next evening. We are asked to drive 1800 kilometers a month, but it is pretty much impossible with our ward boundaries, and how far away our exchanges are. It usually ends up being around 3000 instead... Let me know if you have any questions!

I love you all! Thanks for your support! You are wonderful :) Have a great week!

Sister Bodine

Exchanges with Sister Anderson.  She played for Forza a year younger than me.  Wow she is amazing.

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