Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter 46 -- The joys of missionary work :)

This week was a marvelous one. Why? Because everyday was an amazing one, yet the week went by soooo slow. Let's pray that that happens every week :) It's nice when the time slows down on a mission haha.

   So we got to visit Aunt Alaine and her family on Wednesday! Everything was set for it to work, we were prepared and excited - and while we were on our way.... Sister Bodine realized she forgot the Address at the apartment... But no biggie! We thought we can just call Aunt Alaine and get it from her. Nope. Her phone was down and no one was answering. But thankfully she lives on a circle which usually aren't too big and it was an apartment building so it should be pretty easy to find. We looked at the map and saw that it was pretty much the biggest circle in Mississauga and when we drove there we found that there were multiple apartment buildings.... so we went to all of them looking for clues because I couldn't remember their last name either haha! So much for preparation eh? Sister Hsiung and I were laughing our heads off the whole time as we were getting drenched, running from building to building. Thankfully, Aunt Alaine's husband was waiting in the lobby for us in the LAST building we checked. You gotta love those hilarious moments. 
   But ya it went really well! Some of our second cousins, Margaret and her husband, and Janet. They were so nice! We talked a lot about the family, and Grandpa - Aunt Alaine showed me pictures of Grandpa when he was younger. I thought it was nice that she had an older picture of our family on her fridge with all her other family! Aunt Alaine talked most of the time. She is so loving! The whole family is so accomplished and so smart! We sang Joseph Smith's first prayer after dinner and had to leave quickly. But I was so happy I got to go and that more family got to come! Grandma Barrett thanks for having such great family!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

We exchanged with Sister Mendenhall and Sister Reeves on Tuesday. I got to go to Donn Mills for the day and work with my mommy! It was so much fun working with each other again. She is such a hard worker as always. We had no planned appointments so we spent the whole day outside talking with everyone! The funnest days. And miracles were happening right and left. We prayed to find a family, and honestly I feel like everyone we were seeing were young moms pulling strollers! A lot of potential amazing families to teach. God answers prayers. And Sister Reeves is AMAZING. haha Sister Hsiung said that Sister Reeves was giving her advice on how to contact, and how to be healthier. She's so awesome :)

1) B... and L.... So we went to visit a potential investigator J... who ended up not being home. Which was weird because she literally texted us 5 minutes before to say that we can still come by. Anyways long story short, she was actually not interested in the gospel at all...weird but she wanted us to visit her siblings... why? we still don't know.  So, we met with her siblings L... and B.... L... was upstairs so we taught B... the Restoration with the pamphlets like I talked about last time! He got a strong impression that "this is true" and he wanted to be baptized! We were very excited. Right after we are done praying, L... comes down stairs and we decided to teach her too. So we spent another 15 minutes teaching the wonderful message of the Restoration. When it came to inviting her to be baptized, she said, "But I've already been baptized." our first initial thoughts were, "oh no, she didn't understand our message. " so we started clarify how the gospel of Jesus Christ has been lost for centuries and it has been restored once again on this earth. It seemed like she understood it more the second time so we invited her to be baptized again...and she said again "but I've already been baptized". our thoughts were really? I thought you understand. Our member starts talking about priesthood authority again... and then finally she said, "no I don't think you understand, I've been baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints".  What What?! It was crazy but cool experience haha. She was baptized when she was 12 and went less-active soon after. She is visiting from Montreal so we are planning on getting her in contact with the church there. God knows where ALL His children are!!

Well I love you all and I am grateful for you all and I am so happy! I hope you all have a great week! I know that we can ALWAYS trust in our loving Heavenly Father.

Sisters Mendenhall and Reeves

Sister Hsuing

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