Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter 35 -- Slow down the time!!!

Hello family!

How the heck is everyone doing? I'm glad to hear the soccer camps are going well, the wedding plans are working out, mommy is in Delaware, daddy is still loving his bike, Grandma is getting the help that she needs, and everyone is happy! Thanks for the emails :)

So Toronto is great as usual. This week was a crazy one. Filled with miracles and filled with interesting experiences (as always) haha. I'm excited to be here during Canada Day. It should be exciting. The streets are still crazy after a soccer team wins. Police cars are everywhere on the streets around our building, because that is the street that people celebrate on. They build up the traffic by stopping on green lights, honking their horns, and then doing a U-turn so that they can stay on the street and keep doing it. haha I love Toronto.

So we met this awesome guy named R... this week. We went to drop by a former investigator. As we were walking across the street to her building, a car - with its windows open - stopped right in front of us to drop of their friend. So obviously I walk up to the window and start talking to the driver haha. He is from Hungary and he loves God with all his heart. He wants to follow him but has found it hard because temptations always seem to come right when he is trying to better his life. Boy do we have a wonderful message for him! We scheduled a time to meet, went to his house and taught him the restoration, and he is stoked for baptism, church - not to mention he hopes to invite all his friends and family members to join as well! Problem is he never wakes up early. Ever. We will have to be creative in getting him to church.

J... is another amazing person. He is from China. We were walking in front of him on the street. When I turned around and saw him, my initial reaction was fear because he looked intimidating. I was so frustrated with my inner response that I immediately slowed down, turned around, and said hi. Haha it for sure caught him off guard but he didn't turn around and run away (which has been the reaction more than once before). We got talking and I found out that he was trying to make changes his life and Spirituality was something that he was really interested in and confused about as well. We have been meeting with him and he is really excited about everything. The best thing ever was when he told us about his experience of God answering his prayers. His comment was "I know that it was an answer from God, and going against that experience would be a lie. I cannot deny what I experienced."....... WOW!!!! Coolest guy ever.

Some of my favorite experiences are those times when people try to contend with you, or get you to contradict yourself, or explain to you all the reason why your beliefs are wrong. It's so fun because this is NOT a time to Bible bash, but to bear a simple testimony of everything that you know to be true. There were so many instances where my testimony of a certain concept was strengthened because all they would us allow us to do was testify. Alma 9-12ish is one of my favorite stories because of that.

President and Sister Clayton are officially here and leading the mission! We get to meet with them tomorrow and I am excited beyond all reason. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!

Some great quotes of the week (I'm copying you Sister Price hehe)

"The secret of success is find something that works and then do it again"
"Faith is not an inheritance. It's a choice." <-- SO STINKIN TRUE!!!!
The entire Preach My Gospel and Book of Mormon

Love you all :) Make it a great week! 17 more days Jared and April! Don't get sunburned in Lake Powell!
Sister Bodine

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