Monday, July 7, 2014

Letter 36 - Lots of stuff! Good stuff.....

Hello family!

So much I want to say and so little time, so I will do my best to put in every wonderful/awesome part of the week because this week was AMAZING!!!!

Happy Canada Day! We were blessed to meet President and Sister Clayton!!! Oh my goodness they are amazing. The spirit was so strong. They are keeping everything they are doing right now on the basics: white handbook, PMG, and prayer. President Clayton goes 100% by the spirit. He stares deeply into your soul and you can FEEL his love. I am SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!! Holy cow...

Also Happy Fourth of July! We have Zone Training on the Fourth of July. I was asked to play the piano and sing in a musical number with a bunch of people. But they wouldn't tell us what it was. When the musical number came, they asked all who were a part of the musical number to come up. As they did, we realized that everyone in the group was American, and the audience were the missionaries from other places hahaha the zone leaders had us sing the National Anthem. It was pretty hilarious. But I LOVED this Zone Training. I love all zone trainings, but this one was extra powerful. I was getting prompting after prompting of ideas to use in our teaching and contacting. And the role plays were POWERFUL!!!!!

Also, Jared. Can you ask Jayden Black if he knows an Elder Turk who served in California. A military man named Al (I think) came to our ward yesterday, and said he was taught by a missionary named Elder Turk from Blanding Utah! I thought that was kinda cool.

Exchanges with Sister Edwards was AMAZING!!! We were a trio in Toronto, she and Sister Marler and I. We did a service project for an Italian woman. We trimmed her Mulberry tree in the backyard. It was a blast. We were laughing and singing the whole time. And she treated us like queens, feeding us, talking to us, taking pictures of us.... Jason did you serve in Calabria? I meet at least one person from there every day.

Which reminds me!!! One of my favorite things about serving in Toronto is it is like serving mini missions all around the world. I have served missions in the Phillipines, Italy, Portugal, Brasil, Jamaica, Romania, Armenia, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Russia, and many more JUST in this past week. The people are amazing. I KNOW this is a message for ALL of God's children no matter where we are from. And even if we can't speak the same language, we can still feel the same spirit. That is one of my favorite things about my mission :)

I was talking on the subway with a man named I... from Brazil a couple days ago. He is an agnostic who loves his wife. One of my favorite things is sitting on the TTC with really shy or closed off people and finding a way to get them to open up. I..., when he opened up, and we started talking about eternal families, got these HUGE eyes. The spirit was so strong. I told him we would love to come visit and he immediately said yes. We were about to say a prayer when our stop came. I.... said "no worries, let's just get off and say one out there." haha okay! He made sure we waited until the subway left and then we said it. It was a really cool experience.

Lately, I have been having a HUGE desire to learn Spanish so I have been asking a lot of members and people how to say certain things. Yesterday, we were at dinner with a Spanish family who came into our ward recently. At the end, we were trying to figure out who was going to say it. We asked them to say it in Spanish and then Brother Zurian invited ME to say it in Spanish! It was my first time, and he helped me. I was BEAMING afterward. It was so great :)

Remember my sickness? haha. So when I first went to the doctor's they told me I was negative for strep, chastised my for not resting enough, told me it was a virus, and sent me home with no other instructions on how to feel better. Later that night I broke out into a fever, and it got to the point where I couldn't swallow, it killed to eat, I couldn't sleep, no medicine was working. But I thought it was a virus so I didn't do anything about it. Finally we went back a week later because it was unbearable. Haha the first thing the doctor says when he looked in my throat was "WOHOHOOAAA! There is definitely an infection back there" hahaha not really the reaction you're wanting a professional to give. He checked for strep again and literally no longer than a minute he comes back saying "I have no idea how it came back negative the first time, that is DEFINITELY positive" - lessons learned? Second time's the charm when it comes to Canadian Health Care if you are an American :)

Family! I was reading Elder Ballard's Conference talk this morning and I would LOVE to hear what you are reading in Preach My Gospel and how it has been influencing you and your missionary work!

Quote from our Relief Society President's testimony yesterday:
  "You have time for sleep. You have time for television. You have time to walk , eat, pick up the phone... but you have no time for Christ? Read the Book of Mormon." BOOYAH!!!!!

Well I love you all! Jared and April GOOD LUCK WITH THE WEDDING!!! Elder Robins and I are going to be there in spirit! Keep your standards everyone. I am praying for you all!!!

Sister Bodine

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