Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter 34 -- A computer. An Engagement. and lot of Crying.

Hello Family!!

I got ALL of my birthday cards from everyone and I just wanted to THANK YOU ALL!!!!! Grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, friends. I love you all so much. Thank you for taking the time to send me a letter. It meant the world :) I love you!!!

So great week this week! We had our last zone conference with the Scott's on Thursday and it was amazing and SO HARD to say goodbye. Not to mention this transfer is when the first HUGE wave of missionaries leaves also, so we had 26 missionaries get up to share their farewell testimony. Both of my companions got up. There was a lot of crying this Zone Conference that's for sure. President Scott gives the departing missionaries some "lessons for life" and we were blessed to have him give his life lessons to us at Zone Conference!! Word for word. It's like scripture :) And President and Sister Scott surprised us by letting us know that we were allowed to give them BOTH a hug since they were leaving. It was the best thing ever :) The spirit was SO STRONG this conference (as always). President's theme for the conference was based off Light and Darkness, a subject he has been studying for years and years now. We have been studying it on our own for the past month now so the conversation was POWERFUL with everyone sharing their thoughts. Some statements I really liked:
-Do not process in the dark with the adversary. Process in the light with the Savior
-There is NO middle ground when it comes to God's Plan. We are given a choice and a choice we will HAVE to make sooner or later. When we aren't working with the Lord, we are working with the adversary.
-There is no one Satan wants to destroy more than you. Use the Savior's light and - as stated in D&C 50 - Chase darkness from you.
I love President and Sister Scott with all my heart and will miss them dearly. And I am SO EXCITED for President and Sister Clayton to come in!! Can't even contain my excitement :)

My favorite day of the week was Friday. It was a day of spur-of-the-moments. We had a bunch of set plans, and they all fell through. Throughout the entire day, as we were going to fulfill our back-up plans, one of us would get the feeling that we should get off the bus or the streetcar and back track a little. Having no idea why, we would follow the prompting and get off the car, back track a little, end up crossing someone's path, and end up teaching them for the next 30-45 minutes about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It happened all throughout the day. We didn't do a single one of our back up plans. It's so cool - I KNOW that when we make plans, even if we end up doing something completely different, the Lord will bless us for being prepared.

We have been teaching an awesome kid named S.... He won't tell us how old he is, but we are positive he is YSA age. He is the son of one of our recent converts, P.... S.... has been taught by missionaries before and hasn't shown any interest at all. When we first met with him, we could totally tell he was playing some kind of game with us. He is SO Intelligent, and he kept coming up with excuses or concerns with what we were talking about. But with the help of the spirit, we would end up getting him to confess what he really felt on accident. The Spirit is always SO STRONG when we teach him. He is such a good kid. And after we confounded him in his mysterious game, the next time we met with him he was a completely different person. He was so open and honest, and HE bore his testimony on many occasion. He first denied God's existence, but then confessed that he knows He's there. It was so cool to be a part of. We are just praying he will continue to notice how he feels and not just what he can see.

Funny moment of the week:
-Sister Bodine got left on the street car. I got stuck behind someone as we were getting off. As I stepped onto the step the door remained shut. I looked at my companions and Sister Marler had a look of terror. Hahaha I grasped the pole and yelled "NOOO!!!" in front of everyone as the street car drove away. We were only going to the next stop which wasn't too far away so I just watched in terror as my companions sprinted from one stop to the next. I bolted out and we reunited like in those slow motion experiences on the movies. It was hilarious.

I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!! I read Alma 5 during personal study and talk about a check your progress on steroids.  "Be ye separate" from the world (vs. 57). And the last verse is AWESOME. An invitations for those who have not accepted, and a commandment for all of us who have to follow Christ. :) I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Keep your standards!

Sister Bodine and Sister Marler

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