Monday, May 12, 2014

Letter 28 -- Happy Mothers Day!

Hey mi familia!

So much fun to talk to you all yesterday! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOMMY!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ANDREA!!!!! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY BRITTANY!!!!!!!! And Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women out there who have been such great blessings in my life. Thank you so much for your wonderful examples and I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday!!

I don't have very much to say from this week. Not because nothing amazing happened and not because I told you all everything yesterday already. Mainly because I left my planner at the Bishop's house after calling (worst thing to do EVER) and without it, all my memories of the past several weeks are mushed together into one haha. But I will try!

T... is awesome but he hasn't been progressing very much lately. We were trying to figure out what we were going to teach him to help him up his motivation to act. We had a few ideas but nothing really felt right - even getting to the lesson, we parked in the parking spot and said a prayer together. Sister Gillins, Sister Perreira, and I all received a feeling that we should change up our teaching a little bit and bear our personal testimonies. Sister Gillins and Perreira both picked their favorite scripture that helped them out during a hard time in their life and decided to share their experience with that. I picked a song that brought me a lot of peace and chose to sing that. We went into the lesson, and the spirit was so strong it was incredible. T... felt it as well and it was really cool to experience that together. Even with this experience we know that he still has his agency to choose if he wants this in his life, but I DO know that God has not and will not forget him, and has been giving T... many opportunities to feel the power and peace of the Spirit in his life. Keep him in your prayers! 

So some other sister missionaries gave us a referral they received from a non-member that they had tracted into (blessings of asking for referrals EVERY TIME) ->  This lady said no at first, but as the sisters were leaving she said "Wait.... I just thought of someone I think you should visit. Come in." They went into her home and she told them of a friend who was dying from cancer, who lived alone, but was very religious. This lady, her name is M..., lives in our area so we went and visited her. We knocked several times and were about to leave when the door opened. The spirit immediately was so strong. Haha she was reading the Bible just as we were knocking on the door and that got her really excited. Besides the landlord and his daughter (his daughter was the one who sent the referral) we are the first people to have come and visited her at her home. She has no connection with technology ("what's Google?") - she never leaves her home, even for food she orders it and has people bring it to her because of her cancer and stuff - she LOVES the Bible - she has heard bad things about our church but she said that she could tell that we were normal people and that it made us happy so she would love to hear more. She is being so prepared by a Heavenly Father that LOVES her. It's the best. I'll keep you posted.

We had a lot of opportunities to OYM this week and it was the best! I LOVE TALKING TO PEOPLE!!!!! Elder Urrutia and Thompson saw Sister Gillins and I contacting on the street this week and took of picture of it. Kind of fun. I will send it.

Well I know this gospel is powerful and this is a message fore everything!!! I love my Savior and I love being his representative. We are ALL His representatives! Mosiah 18:8-10. Thank you all for everything. I love you with all my heart! Make it a great week!

Sister Bodine

This must have been after this man saw that we were sisters and began bowing down to us. Haha we get that a lot ;)

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