Monday, March 23, 2015

Letter 73 -- We did it

I have great news! Sister Howle gets to stay in Brampton with Sister Davidson (she served in Toronto North after me, and was STL with Sister Mencarelli in Mississauga for a transfer).

Sister Howle and I felt like proud mamas yesterday after church. Abigail Lunario taught Gospel Principles for her first time and did an AMAZING job. She is a natural teacher. She told us while she was teaching that she wasn't happy with her job and was talking to her husband about it about a month ago. She told him that she always wanted to be a teacher but she was just too shy to do it. Two days later she got a call from the bishopric asking if she would be a teacher! The Lord knows! We are so proud. 
   And what's more? Brother Newall was baptized last week, was confirmed in Sacrament yesterday, received the Aaronic Priesthood, has done his family history work for his wife, parents, and grandparents, and is going to the temple this Wednesday to do baptisms and confirmations for them!! And he is scheduled to pass the sacrament next Sunday!!! I love this gospel :) Like he says to us every day, he is "on cloud nine right now". After he was confirmed, he came back and sat down next to me with the biggest grin on his face - he shook my hand and said, "We did it. We did it." He is now a part of an eternal family. A brand new man. That is the greatest sight, the greatest experience. What a blessing.
It is General Conference time which means that it is missionary temple time for all the missionaries that live in an 1 1/2 hour radius of the temple. We live three minutes away :) I love the temple so much. I went in hoping for an answer, and left with a feeling of peace. Exactly what I needed. It truly is the house of the Lord.

We met with a sister in our ward at her home. She told us about her mom in Jamaica (nonmember) who explained a dream to her that she once had. The dream that her mom had was EVERYTHING in the Tree of Life story in the Book of Mormon. So cool! We asked our friend if she ever read that story to her mom to show her the similarity, she said she did but her mom didn't think much of it. This happened several years back. We invited our friend to follow up with her mom now and see what she thinks. During Relief Society our friend taught the lesson yesterday and told everyone what happened recently. After talking to her mom about it a couple weeks ago, that same week her mom was passing by the church in Jamaica on her usual walking route, but this particular day she became very very weak as she reached the gate of the church. She needed to sit down so she walked up to the church, it was opened so she found a chair and sat down. A man came to her asking if she needed anything - it turned out to be the Branch President. She got the help she needed, and accepted to meet with the missionaries!!!! Now she is meeting with them. How amazing is that!! The Lord knows the timing that is best for His children. Our dear friend is just so excited to hear that her mom is opening up to the gospel right now. EVERYONE!!! Follow up with your friends about the gospel!!! You never know how the Lord is touching them in their lives. We MUST be His mouthpiece.

Sister Howle and I were walking to drop by someone that lives on a crescent. We ended up taking the really long way, and we laughed saying, "Well there must be someone really special that Heavenly Father wants us to meet on the our way then." About three minutes later we run into this woman, and she was intrigued at why we were smiling so much, and so happy. We talked with her for a little bit. We asked her if we could say a prayer for her, and she told us she was actually going to ask us to do that for her. We asked if there was anything specific she wanted us to pray for, and she started to cry. She looked at us and said "There is so much in my life that I need you to pray for right now." We said a prayer, we each gave her a huge hug, and now she is meeting with the elders in the other ward! Tender mercy.

I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week!! Keep your standards!!

Sister Bodine

Sisters Price (left) and Sister Coleman

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