Monday, March 16, 2015

Letter 72 -- He did it!!

Stake Conference! So many people came for the first time and LOVED it. President Goobie is AMAZING. And the choir had angels singing with them and they sounded wonderful! Many people came up afterwards with tears in their eyes thanking the choir members for bringing such a strong spirit. I was just so proud :)

Brother Newall was baptized yesterday! It was right after stake conference so he had a very good amount of support from the ward, but also from some of my dear friends from Mississauga that stayed for it! The spirit enveloped the room as he was baptized. It seemed to be in slow motion as he went down into the water, which was exactly what he wanted it to feel like. He was shining like a new man afterwards. Dressed up in his new white shirt that a ward member gave to him. It was so cool that his son came to support as well. There were a lot of people from the YSA group that fellow-shipped his son and invited him to different activities. Bro. Newall shared his testimony at the end. The greatest blessing to have heard. Brother Newall will forever be one of my heroes. And he recognizes that this is just the BEGINNING. So exciting. He fed us and Donna Purchase dinner this week. It was GOURMET. He is an amazing cook. Everything in Brother Newall's life is just putting him on cloud nine right now. Haha he had someone come to his home to check out the room that is being opened for rent. And before he was even baptized, Brother Newall told this tenant, "Now I want you to know right off the bat that I am a Mormon. I am an ex-smoker, so if you need to smoke it's going to have to be outside." Booyah :)

I went on exchanges with Sister Guzman this past week. It was one of the most powerful days of my mission. The spirit guided every conversation, answered EVERY question she had. I went into that plan with specific ideas as to what we could work on together and everything changed for the better. One of the experiences was during Brother Newall's baptismal interview, we had planned to discuss weekly planning. But as we were talking on the way to Brampton, a thought came into my mind that we should just talk to Elder Anderson while Elder Gibb was with Brother Newall. My initial thought was "that wouldn't do anything. It wouldn't be effective use of time" haha the thoughts of a missionary :) But it came again so that's what we did.  We simply asked Elder Anderson about his mission, things that he has learned, experiences he has had. At the end of the exchange, while we were evaluating the day, Sister Guzman began to cry and told me how grateful she was for the chance to simply hear the stories and insights from both my mission and Elder Anderson's mission - she received so many answers during the conversation that was going to help her out. Such a great experience for the both of us :)

Do you remember T... from London? Sister Gillins and I had been meeting with him for several weeks while there. He was such a wonderful person. The spirit was so strong because we could tell that he wanted to change so badly. But there were a few things that he just didn't want to give up. I just found out this week that he committed suicide :( I was devastated in hearing that. I am so grateful for the seed we were able to plant in his heart. I have full confidence that wonderful people like my Grandparents that have passed on will find him in the Spirit world and pick up where we left off in helping him.

Zone conference was this past week. It was amazing as usual. I love seeing all the sisters, I LOVE role plays and instructions, President and Sister Clayton and the Assistants are so inspired. It took place in Mississauga so I got to see a bunch of ward members that were helping out with the lunch. Nathalie was there! It was so good to see her. Of course Sister Shoemaker made 17 homemade apple pies for everyone :) I bore my testimony in Zone Conference. It was weird being one of the missionaries sitting up at the front, giving departing testimonies, but I loved it as well. I just loved being able to reflect on my mission. I felt such an overwhelming spirit while sitting there. I loved seeing and feeling how far I have come as a disciple of Christ - how many seeds I have been blessed to plant and lives that I have touched and that have touched mine. I am SO EXCITED for these next couple of months and all the wonderful things that God NEEDS His servant, Sister Bodine, to fulfill. I WILL FULFILL MY PURPOSE AS A MISSIONARY. I am a disciple of Christ. There is no better calling. I know this gospel is true! I am grateful for all of you. And I hope you have a great week! Keep your standards!!

Sister Bodine

Brother Newall and his son at his baptism!

Exchanges with Sister Palmer :) She is amazing.

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