Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter 12 - I love this :)

Holy Cannoli my mommy and daddy are on a CRUISE right now!! Be safe! Have fun! Daddy don't get seasick, and make sure Sister Lunt doesn't get carried away with the dolphins!
It's so good to hear how everyone is doing :) Thank you all so much for the letters and support. I LOVE MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS SO MUCH!!!! Good luck with school everyone! I pray for you to be smart all the time! Is the weather pretty cold in Oklahoma now? I can picture the wind being like ours. Really hard and it bites you to the bone? It's the greatest.

Well, once again, it was a wonderful week. Wonderful Wonderful WONDERFUL. I love my mission so much. Transfers are next week for the mission. Sister Mendenhall thinks she's leaving and I'm staying. I agree, but we shall see! "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord" :)

So there are a few matters of business I have forgotten to add the past few weeks. First off, I thought you would appreciate knowing that my bishop LOOKS exactly like George Costanza, and SOUNDS exactly like Newman. I can't help but chuckle to myself every time we talk to him. He is the jolliest man alive. I'll try and get a picture with him before I leave the area. Also, Garrett and Andrea, can you please talk to Jenae and tell her that I know her mission buddy Laura Jewer/Christensen!! She is in our ward and she is AMAZING!!! And last of all, I love my mission :)

Sister Mendenhall and I have been LOVING contacting people on the streets. We have so many fun experiences - most of them have to do with trying to teach a Chinese, Nepalise, Farsi, Cambodian, Sudanese, Spanish, Korean, or Portugese person about the Gospel of Jesus Christ using hand gestures because of the language barrier. Haha it's pretty exciting. We have been working really hard to TEACH WHEN WE FIND in every situation, and we are pretty persistent with it. I love it. Sometimes, the streets are empty and the only way we can talk to people is running after them even if the person we see is several blocks away. We have been getting a pretty good work out lately. But it's still not enough exercise to burn off the food our members feed us :)

Last week, on our way to an appointment, we ran into a man and started talking to him. His name is G... F... and we found out that he met with the missionaries several years ago. He LOVED what he was learning, he went to church with them once, but then both missionaries were transferred out and they lost contact. We met with him and he seemed to be on CLOUD NINE the whole time. He soaked up everything we were saying. He came to church yesterday, loved the people, thought the talks were phenomenal, and is so excited to come again next week. You can tell when he is enjoying what he hears because his eyes go really wide, his mouth is slightly opened with a teeny little half smile. It's the best sight ever :) G... F... is AMAZING!!

We met with a man named B... from our apartment building this week. We aren't supposed to proselyte in our building, but if someone wants to learn more then we can teach them. We talked with B... and he was SO EXCITED for us to drop by. B... was in a major car accident about 14 years ago, and he developed severe epilepsy because of it. He is less functional than he used to be, and we are trying to decide if he even needs to be baptized because of his mental disabilities. He came to sacrament meeting yesterday and loved it so much. He is so excited to come back next week. You can not find a more tender-hearted man than B... B.... He is very sensitive and cries a lot. We sang him "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" when we taught him the first lesson and he was bawling. There will always be a special place in my heart for B... :)

One of my favorite parts of being a missionary, and I have talked a little about it before, is working with members. I have been the witness of missionary work touching the hearts of not only people without the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives, but also members of the church. Our ward is on FIRE with missionary minds. A few days ago, we took Sister P... - the sweetest, shyest person you could possibly meet - with us to teach a couple lessons. Both lessons fell through and she offered to stay with us still to go and do some drop-bys and talk to people on the street. It was so hard for her. She cried many times, and could barely speak when we asked her to bare her testimony. We felt so bad, we thought it would be best to take her home, but she wanted to stay and help. This last Sunday, Sister P... was a different person. Outward looking, talking to people, visiting with our investigators - there was a light about her that I have never seen before. It was amazing. Many other experiences like that have been happening in our ward, but I am running out of time so I will save them for later :)

I KNOW that this Church is in FACT the Lord's Kingdom on the earth. The Gospel is true. Joseph Smith Restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and translated -by the power of God -  the most amazing Book on earth. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I will continue to serve Him and represent Him with ALL MY HEART. I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Make it great!!!

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