Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter 10 - YES YES YES!!!

Hi family :)
So good to hear from all of you! Thank you so much for the letters and support I received this week. It means the world to me knowing I have all of you back at home living, and serving, and praying for the cause of Christ as well! We are all on a mission :)
Miracles happened yesterday! After much prayer - despite the time change of church, and the adversary working hard on our investigators - P..., A..., A..., D..., K..., C..., C..., A..., and K... ALL came to church! WE HAD TWO ROWS IN GOSPEL PRINCIPLES CLASS!!!! Not to mention, J..., L..., D..., and M... (all less actives) came as well. Testimony meetings are the most powerful experiences, and they are my favorite part of church from what I've seen on my mission. D... got up and shared the most powerful testimony ever. There are some members of our ward who sometimes tend to be overlooked, and seem quiet and weak in the ward's eyes - and they got up and shook the house with their thoughts. As I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting, tears filled my eyes time and time again as I thought about what I was doing and experiencing on this mission. If the ONLY reason I was in London, Canada right now was to witness A... and A... hear the ward members testify of their Savior Jesus Christ, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and the Book of Mormon was true, it would be worth it. It would be MORE than worth it. I am so happy to be on this mission. I love seeing people change. I love coming to church. I love eating at ward members homes and helping them feel the Savior's love more fully. I love knowing that even after talking with someone and they had NO DESIRE to hear this message, I love knowing that they heard how I feel about the gospel. And one day, they will have an experience that will open their eyes, and the spirit will take them back to the time they talked to two sister missionaries on the street, and they will be ready to hear more.
Sister Mendenhall and I really focused on setting goals this week and doing everything to fulfill it. One of our "raising the bar" standards is to talk to 10 people individually independent of tracting, working with members, or teaching lessons. This seems an easy goal for a missionary, but with a HUGE city, a car, and lessons galore every day - this is very difficult for us haha. And THAT is what we decided to work on for our daily goal yesterday. God put so many amazing people in our path. At 8 at night, we needed to talk to five more people to reach our goal. So on our way home, I said a prayer as we were driving, and we decided to park on a busy street and have faith that the Lord would put his prepared children in our path. We got out and ran haha. We chased after this man, called to him to get him to stop, and we started talking. We found out that he had met with missionaries before! He had a Book of Mormon! He knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet! HE NEEDS TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! Haha. I Know that as we set a goal, and pray with faith that that goal will be achieved... it WILL be achieved! And if it isn't, if you did your best, then God will pour out His blessings in some other way because He knows that you gave it your all.
IT IS COLD HERE IN LONDON. hahaha our poor little toes suffer every time we step out of the car. I LOVE when we talk to people and they like get frustrated that we are outside talking to people in such cold weather. "Why on EARTH are you girls out here in such cold weather?!" Well.....  let us tell you why ;) hahaha it's great. I'm really working on trying new things and improving my ability to testify and teach on the streets. I'm learning to love it more and more. AH I JUST DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!!!!!

So many of you talked about how you saw a change in me in my last letter, that I seemed to be a completely different person in such a short time! And it is true. I have had so many eye opening experiences, and wake-up calls galore to the person I am, and the person that I need to be. And quite frankly, I am NOWHERE close to where I need to be! Haha and that is what is changing me. I know that to be true, and it seems to have given me a sense of urgency and greater motivation to give it my all which is more than I have been giving - even when I feel that I am giving my all. There is a quote that a missionary said recently, "In life we will never achieve 100%, when 90% is good enough". How true is that? We NEED to give our ALL if we want to truly see miracles and qualify for ALL the blessings God is prepared and willing to bestow on us. For these past 2 1/2 months, I have been working hard. And that is great. But last week, I realized that I was still the same person as I was 2 1/2 months ago. And that person is NOT GOOD ENOUGH to be a representative of Jesus Christ. That person is not good enough to have the power to look someone in the eye and testify with unwavering faith and power that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the point of them feeling the Spirit and seeing that there is MORE to life. It is time to change. I know that I am not perfect and I will never be perfect. Sometimes, while I am trying to allow God to mold me, I get discouraged for a minute knowing that I did my best and I still didn't say the right thing, or they still didn't accept the message. Or I tried and I still missed the point that God needed me to share. But the fact is, I know now that I need to change and improve and I am allowing God in my life more fully now to do that. It feels so good :) There is SO much more to do. And that is what makes this mission just so great :)
Well I love you all! Thank you so much! I can't express my gratitude enough!! Keep being the wonderful people that you are and know that Sister Bodine LOVES YOU!!!!! Keep your standards!!
Sister Bodine

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